What is Automatic Transcription vs Self Transcription?

When we originally launched Transcribe in 2011, speech recognition technology was too early for us to be able to automatically convert speech from uploaded audio/video into text. So we launched with a set of features that helped make the process of DIY transcription as painless as possible. We offered a tightly-integrated editor and media player that can be controlled via several types of time-saving shortcuts. We also launched the ability to use single-speaker dictation technology that was available at the time, to make the process even easier. We charged a flat annual license for this DYI part of the app, now rebranded as "Self Transcription".

Fast forward to 2018 - machine learning research over the years allowed us to finally offer a commercial, cost-effective automatic transcription service with up to 90% accuracy. Unlike in Self Transcription, the workflow in Automatic Transcription is you upload an audio/video file, which we then process using machine learning, to provide you a first draft transcript that you can then tweak as needed to get the final transcript. When we launched this feature, we called it Automatic Transcription and rebranded our earlier offering as Self Transcription.

With Automatic Transcription, given the amount of computing resources needed, we charge an hourly rate to process transcripts, unlike in Self Transcription, where we charge a flat annual license fee.

We continue to offer Self Transcription as a solution to users who have audios/videos in languages we don't yet support or who specifically prefer to do their own transcriptions.

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