Keyboard Shortcuts

We'd highly recommend using the following keyboard shortcuts in Self Transcription to make your workflow as efficient as possible.

Mac users: You can switch your F1-F12 keys to function as standard function keys, so you don't have to press Fn + the function key each time. Here's an article on how to configure this: If you're a non-Mac user and still have to press Fn + the function key each time, there should be a way to turn this off so you only have to press one key. We'd recommend looking up online for instructions on how to configure this for your particular computer.

Shortcut Description
  • ESC
  • F12
Play / Resume / Pause
  • F1
  • or Alt + Q in Chromebook
Slow down playback
  • F2 
  • Alt + W in Chromebook
Speed up playback
  • F3
  • Alt + A in Chromebook
Rewind 2 seconds
  • F4
  • Alt + R in Chromebook
Forward 2 seconds
  • F6
  • Alt + T in Chromebook
Insert current timestamp
  • F6
  • Alt + D in Chromebook
Start / Stop dictation

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